San Soda

San Soda is known in under­ground music cir­cles as a real record col­lec­tor. It shows in his pre­dictably unpre­dictable DJ sets, which are made up of care­ful­ly cho­sen gems unearthed after years of crate dig­ging around the world. Based in Berlin but Bel­gian by birth, San Soda spends at least some time every sin­gle day search­ing for records, either […]


Melody’s story start’s back in 2010 with her first residency at Die Nacht as a duo with Ethel. As her work evolves , her career grows. Melody quickly develops her style and finds her own signature. In 2015, Melody signs with RA+RE as a resident of the agency. Since then, She has been touring in […]

Lola Haro

Her love and passion for music and her authentic approach have been refreshing and gained her a lot of recognition in the Belgian club scene. In only 12 months’ time she earned a residency at Paradise City Festival and Kiosk Radio, got her first Boiler Room under her belt, shared the dj booth with countless […]

John Noseda

Expect a sexy mish mash of catchy tunes, dazzling disco influences, house classics and a mysterious touch of dark beats. A journey through beats, space and time: Edgy, playful and unpredictable.


Natv:Men aka Henry and Tola are a Ghent based duo. A project that extended out to their collaborative journey. Their senses for new music and discoveries are keeping the duo distinct and dynamic. Forever looking for new rhythms and four to the floor beats. Their broad and diverse taste combines percussion, EBM, new wave, experimental […]

Nicolas DJ

Nowadays Magazine’s founder Nicolas DJ grew up in the vibrant scene Antwerp had on offer in the early 2000’s. Together with his best friend Thomas, they started the DJ-duo FlatFish back in 2008, creating numerous memories both for themselves as the people they were surrounded with. After creating several concepts in the years that followed, […]