Stella Zekri

Stella Zekri is a Berlin based vinyl DJ and vocalist, blending her love of electronic music, disco, jazz and hip hop into her dynamic, genre defying sets. Known for long vinyl sessions where every song is a statement, she is unafraid to jump between tempos, genres or moods. Every song in Stella’s set is something […]

Bianca Lexis

Local L.A. favorite, Bianca Lexis was born and raised in the city listening to the sounds of the FM station Hot92.3. She grew a passion for radio in college and later began to volunteer at dublab. Inheriting her dad’s new wave records and immersing herself in LA’s underground dance music scene, she’s proven herself to […]


Aroh loves to drive around the streets of Brussels with his motorbike while collecting some wonderfully weird records along the way. Often seen scavenging in the vicinity of Rue Blaes 146, eyes always on the prize. He co-runs the multidisciplinary platform KONTAKT GROUP together with Victor De Roo and under that same flag he mixes […]


Vlada is a rising Moscow-born DJ who has been travelling the world and playing records since she turned 18. Much of this is down to her father, an avid collector of jazz and funk melodies himself whose love for music first inspired his daughter’s affection for vinyl aesthetics and digging. Her time today is split […]