Melody’s story start’s back in 2010 with her first residency at Die Nacht as a duo with Ethel. As her work evolves , her career grows. Melody quickly develops her style and finds her own signature. In 2015, Melody signs with RA+RE as a resident of the agency. Since then, She has been touring in […]

Andrew Ashong

Andrew Ashong is a British-Ghanaian soul singer-songwriter, DJ and record producer from Forest Hill in South London. He spent his teenage years searching for records and by 16 he was DJing and working on his own productions. Andrew Ashong has released two EPs: Flowers with Theo Parrish (2012) and the Andrew Ashong EP (2014), which moved away from the dance floor sound of Flowers and interjected […]

Luca Lozano

Rave revivalist, graphic artist, Rinse FM resident and label boss also known as Owner, A+R, artist and designer at Klasse Wrecks – ZODIAC44 – Grafiti Tapes.  Released on Optimo, Sex Tags UFO, Unknown to the Unknown, Klasse Wrecks and others. Enjoys Acid House, 1970s Graffiti styles and rooting for the underdog…looking to meet similar. 

Ezekiel Soundsystem

To shape the 25:17 identity, we needed the help of professional record shifters. Luckily, four passionate motherfuckers had already made plans to form a quartet. So, without further ado, I present to you: Lu6000 (aka lucimille): born and raised in the not-so-charming city of charles-king, this long-lost walloon developed an early taste for disco. Ever […]


Natv:Men aka Henry and Tola are a Ghent based duo. A project that extended out to their collaborative journey. Their senses for new music and discoveries are keeping the duo distinct and dynamic. Forever looking for new rhythms and four to the floor beats. Their broad and diverse taste combines percussion, EBM, new wave, experimental […]

Nicolas DJ

Nowadays Magazine’s founder Nicolas DJ grew up in the vibrant scene Antwerp had on offer in the early 2000’s. Together with his best friend Thomas, they started the DJ-duo FlatFish back in 2008, creating numerous memories both for themselves as the people they were surrounded with. After creating several concepts in the years that followed, […]

Dj Tracksuit


Daniel Wang

Daniel Wang – the DJ for people who love to dance – and for everyone who loves music for music’s sake. His DJ sets are well-known for their energetic blend of disco, soul, and old and new house tracks – but most of all for their sheer sense of joy and musicality, and their negation […]

Stella Zekri

Stella Zekri is a Berlin based vinyl DJ and vocalist, blending her love of electronic music, disco, jazz and hip hop into her dynamic, genre defying sets. Known for long vinyl sessions where every song is a statement, she is unafraid to jump between tempos, genres or moods. Every song in Stella’s set is something […]


Aroh loves to drive around the streets of Brussels with his motorbike while collecting some wonderfully weird records along the way. Often seen scavenging in the vicinity of Rue Blaes 146, eyes always on the prize. He co-runs the multidisciplinary platform KONTAKT GROUP together with Victor De Roo and under that same flag he mixes […]