Lola Haro

Her love and passion for music and her authentic approach have been refreshing and gained her a lot of recognition in the Belgian club scene. In only 12 months’ time she earned a residency at Paradise City Festival and Kiosk Radio, got her first Boiler Room under her belt, shared the dj booth with countless […]

Eline Anne

Eline anne is an antwerp born – berlin based dj that is fairly new in the electronic music scene.  Coming from an art education and working in fashion she has a diverse and cultural background. She developed at an early age a big interest for new wave and 80’s that later evolved into electronic music.  […]


Coming from Romania, Adrian Niculae a.k.a. Priku established himself as a hard working and passionate music creator. He is a member of Sunrise booking since 2007, making his way up to the big gigs through many noticeable Sunwaves performances. He released on labels such as [a:rpia:r], All Inn, Fabric, Concrete Music and Only 300 Family, […]


A favourite of revered labels like Vakant, Cynosure and Indigo Raw, Heidelberg born producer and DJ DeWalta is well placed as one of the techno’s most exciting producers. He spent his youth in symphony orchestras and improvisational jazz groups before moving to Berlin at the age of 13, and later, after experimenting with electronic music, found his calling with techno. But in a city that lives […]