Bianca Lexis

Local L.A. favorite, Bianca Lexis was born and raised in the city listening to the sounds of the FM station Hot92.3. She grew a passion for radio in college and later began to volunteer at dublab. Inheriting her dad’s new wave records and immersing herself in LA’s underground dance music scene, she’s proven herself to be an impressive selector with a keen ear in a short amount of time. Her versatile approach to finding music is echoed in her monthly show, Happy Hour, which produces some of her most eclectic recorded sets. She plays everything from synth pop and post-punk to house and disco. Outside the radio waves, you can catch her playing at her Standard DTLA residency or beloved late-night parties like Directory Service, Moony Habits and A Club Called Rhonda.

‘NYE Transit x Klub Dramatik’ campaign by Vrints kolsteren