Eline Anne

Eline anne is an antwerp born – berlin based dj that is fairly new in the electronic music scene.  Coming from an art education and working in fashion she has a diverse and cultural background. She developed at an early age a big interest for new wave and 80’s that later evolved into electronic music. 
Getting inspired daily in the capital of electronic music, berlin, the minimal influences are hearable in her sets. 
Eline dares to break out of the comfort zone with her eclectic style.  Going from house to wave and from electro to minimal.  She wants to bring you through a journey of music and show you what each style has to offer. Eline anne can both play analog and digital in her sets. The young dj has an understanding about the ‘art of djing’ and you can often find her digging and inspiring herself in her favourite recordstores.

‘NYE Transit x Klub Dramatik’ campaign by Vrints kolsteren