Ezekiel Soundsystem

To shape the 25:17 identity, we needed the help of professional record shifters.

Luckily, four passionate motherfuckers had already made plans to form a quartet. So, without further ado, I present to you:

Lu6000 (aka lucimille): born and raised in the not-so-charming city of charles-king, this long-lost walloon developed an early taste for disco. Ever since, he has focused more on curating a world-class selection of bangers, rather than on his studies. Legend has it that spotify developed their algorithm based on this guy’s brains.

Jackpot! (aka jack-uzzi): The dude’s a party creature like you’ve never seen. He’s known for being the last groover on the dance floor. Never popped a single stimulant. word.

Toolate groove (aka sébastopol): A young producer and pure house-aholic raised in the ghost village of dworp. The palms of his hands are a temple where passion and professionalism meet harmoniously. Some believe they are a gift from the lord himself, which he chooses to share with all of us on a daily basis.

Dj hermano (aka the rookmachinist): Dude’s a great guy, but to this day, we still have no clue as to why he’s a part of the soundsystem.When assembled, these four heroes form the mega-boss you could never defeat on mortal kombat. Trust me.

‘NYE Transit x Klub Dramatik’ campaign by Vrints kolsteren