Fanklub Dj’s

Fanklub started as a weekly antwerp club night on Thursdays and became soon the favorite hangout of many creatives and music lovers. 

This didn’t go by unnoticed and gained attention from many magazines among Dazed & Confused and I-D Magazine. besides organizing events in Antwerp and Paris, the founders (Dj No and Lignac) played most of europe’s coolest clubs and festivals as Fanklub Dj’s. 

However Fanklub (as a party concept) came to an end in 2007, they continued organizing club nights with an equal vision and spirit… keeping Fanklub as the head organization. 

Followed by concepts named Blast Your Ghetto (2007-2011) Hello You (2011-2013) and their currently running club night Scandals, that started in 2012. 

Musically, an eclectic mix of genres (house, electro, disco) has always been their trademark, for both the parties and their dj sets. always trying to surprise the dancers and turning wallflowers into dance floor animals.

‘NYE Transit x Klub Dramatik’ campaign by Vrints kolsteren