Melody’s story start’s back in 2010 with her first residency at Die Nacht as a duo with Ethel. As her work evolves , her career grows. Melody quickly develops her style and finds her own signature. In 2015, Melody signs with RA+RE as a resident of the agency. Since then, She has been touring in Europe promoting her dreams and ideas. With the RA+RE Showcase she starts a residence in Berlin at Club der visionaere and hoppetosse Back in Paris, She becomes a regular at Rex Club and Breakfast Club afterparties that she co-organizes. She tours France and abroad, showcasing RA+RE and her work whilist sharing the decks with Onur Ozer, Laurine or Vera. Melody delivers a punch in her sets, backed by a vivid digger’s collection, ever meddling electro and break beat with 90’s house/techno. An authentic style that owns its own vibe for her unique sound.

‘NYE Transit x Klub Dramatik’ campaign by Vrints kolsteren