San Soda

San Soda is known in under­ground music cir­cles as a real record col­lec­tor. It shows in his pre­dictably unpre­dictable DJ sets, which are made up of care­ful­ly cho­sen gems unearthed after years of crate dig­ging around the world. Based in Berlin but Bel­gian by birth, San Soda spends at least some time every sin­gle day search­ing for records, either online, in shops, at flea mar­kets or by nos­ing through whole col­lec­tions. Clas­sic house and tech­no with a rough, Chica­go and Detroit bent is his main pref­er­ence, inter­spersed with cheer­ful dis­co, enchant­i­ng Afro or time­less elec­tro cuts. Pre­fer­ring extend­ed sets with prop­er rotary mix­ers, he is a gim­mick free selec­tor who avoids tricks and effects. Instead he allows the music to play out as it was intend­ed, always with an under­ly­ing sense of cohesion. 

‘NYE Transit x Klub Dramatik’ campaign by Vrints kolsteren