Opening hours



Slachthuislaan 68a
2060 Antwerpen

Bike racks

Slachthuislaan 68a
2060 Antwerpen


Parking Slachthuis
2060 Antwerp


Lockers will be available. Once you secured your locker, you can open and close it much as you desire. (Without paying extra)
A small lockers will fit 2 jackets, a big locker will fit 4 jackets.


Rooms will be heated if needed.


At the entrance you will receive one free token. Exchange your eco token at the bar when ordering your first drink.
Finished your drink? Keep your cup/can and exchange it at the bar when ordering a new drink.
Don’t want to keep your cup/can while it’s empty? Hand it in at the bar and receive an eco token.
Lost your cup/can or eco token? An additional 0,5 tokens will be charged for your next one.


Cigarettes will NOT be available on site. Smoking inside the venue is prohibited.


We ask you politely to respect the Archipel site and the surrounding neighbourhood. Be quiet when arriving and leaving, park your bicycle/car at the dedicated spots, keep our site clean and throw your trash in the bins, do what you know you need to do.

Core values

Please read our core values for a better understanding what Klub Dramatik and Transit stand for and how we want to reflect these values to our visitors.